Your Show Inbox- Chris Swallows, John Koenig-I-70 Toll-March 30,2008

9:55 AM, Mar 31, 2008   |    comments
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Several viewers wanted to weigh in on the proposal for a toll along I-70 which we discussed on our March 23rd show with Senator Chris Romer (D-Denver) and Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany (R-Colorado Springs).

Chris Swallows writes:
"I'm frustrated with Sen. Romer's answer to one of the questions on this morning's YourShow regarding the proposed toll for the mountain corridor of I-70. One question included a comment that even with a toll, the number of cars on I-70 would not decrease. I agree. Sen. Romer chose not to address that portion of the question and I would really like to hear his opinion on how a toll would decrease the amount of traffic in the corridor. It seems to me the only result of a toll on I-70 will be revenue for the state, not a reduction in congestion on I-70. "

John Koenig commented:
"What a disaster a toll would be.
Traffic would be worse, even with the I pass. Plus once the toll goes in it will never come down. The politicians will always find a reason to keep it.   A good answer would be raise airport taxes, hotel taxes and anything else that has to do with tourist dollars or figure out a way the make the resorts pay for it there the ones making all the money.

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