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Viewer Comments about the Blue Mustang Sculpture Near DIA

11:40 AM, Mar 16, 2008   |    comments
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The following are viewer comments about the Blue Mustang sculpture located near DIA. Some of the comments were read on 9News at Noon on Thursday, March 13.

I read your story online about the "Mustang" at DIA. Funny... I thought it would have been appropriately referred to as a "Bronco". That thing is hideous - it looks starved with it's ribs showing and veins popping. But the part that I thought was particularly interesting was the line, "The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs says public response to the sculpture has been about 50-50. The staff thinks more people would like the Mustang if they learned about the artist and his work." COME ON PEOPLE! It's at the AIRPORT...were VISITORS arrive. Who is going to do research on public art at the airports they visit. Then further research the artist??? How classy would it look all white? (Including the eyes.) Then it would even match the BRONCO atop the main entrance of Invesco...a real tourist attraction.
Sarah Gohn

I was traveling last week and I saw the sculpture for the first time. My first impression was "Wow that's ugly!" The color scheme is gross, blue and black with red eyes.

DIA represents Denver in an awesome way, making our city look good. Shouldn't the artwork at DIA reflect the same?

In the online 9news article, it says the staff at The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs thinks more people would like it, if they knew about the artist. Well, maybe the staff should design a campaign to educate the people of Denver and visitors of the artist's background and other work. So the sculpture will be more widely accepted.
Cory of Denver

I saw the scary mustang for the first time Sunday night when I drove to the airport to pick up a visitor. First of all, it diverted my attention from driving because I was trying to figure out if this Bronco-looking figure really had glaring red eyes. My next reaction was "why in the world is that there?" Lastly… why a Bronco and why at the airport? It might as well scream "Go Broncos" when you drive by or spit out footballs for people to take home as souvenirs. This state has so much to offer so why do we want the last image in people's mind to be a huge horse with red eyes?

I haven't seen the Bronco in the daylight. Guess I'll get my first chance tomorrow when I take my husband to catch a morning flight. Not sure what to expect. No matter what it looks like, I don't think it needs to be there. We need less intimidating, more tasteful sculpture that represents our lovely, natural state.

Just wanted to add… I'm sure there is a place where this sculpture would fit nicely, but it does not work at DIA!
Betsy Allen

The sculpture looks dark and evil, it makes Denver look like a bad place to be…… I just think it send the wrong message to visitors.
Daniel Lukens

It is not Art! What a shame that people flying into what some already feel is a "cow town" must see even from the air, it looks evil, ugly and disgusting! It should be replaced before the DNC with a more positive piece of art for sure! It is an embarrassment and BAD image to represent the State of Colorado. Did we as tax payers pay hard earned money for it? Was someone not overseeing the project to the finish?
Sam and Mary Dardano of Lakewood

My first look at the DIA horse was just before sunrise on February 29. When I saw the glowing red eyes, my first reaction was to name it a nightmare (pun intended).
Dick Sugg

I think it is Absolutely Horrible. I'm not an Art Buff, but come on, that is some STRANGE Art.
That thing looks EVIL. It would seem to be more prominent in front of the Gates of Hell.
Instead some idiotic government official (or collective committee), felt it should greet people
to Colorado. How is it that this Monstrosity is to be representative of the Beauty and Spirit that is
Colorado? My children saw it in the paper and they both exclaimed, with LOUD Shrieks of Horror,
that is SCARY. That isn't real is it Daddy?
Obviously, I won't be taking my Family for Portraits with the Hideous thing.
Glad to know my State Government is spending my TAX dollars wisely.
I guess I wouldn't be so Miffed if I (or the Public for that matter) were involved in the decision making.

A Statue for Colorado…YES
Looking like something that belongs on the cover of a DIO album…..NO!!!!
John Hartley

I hate it! During all the years of delay in getting it make, I hoped that it would get canceled. No such luck. As far as the art critics, they are the insane walking among us.
Marlin in Denver

I think that horse is the most unique cool art piece I have ever seen. I thought the eyes were kind of orange like the Broncos! It truly makes a great statement about Denver and our western heritage. It should stay!!!
Shirley Thomas

I love the Mustang by Luis Jimenez at the airport. To me it represents the majesty and wildness that was a hallmark of the west. Maybe we've all become to tamed to appreciate something out of the ordinary. It's a good thing that there is controversy. It means this great piece of art doesn't just blend into the landscape, and gives Denver a unique visual welcome to all that fly into our airport.
Kathee Kiehn

This sculpture is ugly and evil looking. I am a horse lover, but am disturbed when I see this piece of expensive trash. Shame on the city for wasting money on this horrid thing. Instead of being greeted by something the plains are known for such as a soothing, welcoming statue of a horse, visitors are visually assaulted by this disturbing and evil looking piece of trash. Just because someone proclaims himself an artist doesn't mean the taxpayers should be forced to pay for his "work". Fine art indeed, More like Junk Art! Kandy

I saw your segment on the 12 p.m. news regarding the mustang sculpture. My opinion is that the sculpture is one of the most bizarre and disturbing things I have ever seen. I believe this is a terrible representation for the city of Denver, especially because we are going to be in the national limelight soon; and if it is true that only 50 percent of our citizens like it, then that is good reason to remove it. I would like to know how much that monstrosity costs the taxpayers of Denver.
Donna P.

What I like about it...

... can't see it from my house

... doesn't block a view of the mountains

.. seems to fit in with fiberglass at Elitch's
Tom, Centennial

I just saw the Mustang for the first time on 9 news. I think it's horrible looking ,art or not It shouldn't be at our airport! It really doesn't represent Colorado at all!
Nancy Stork

It's a beautiful, creative piece of art. Some people can't accept anything new, then drag their superstitions into their opinion. Open your minds people! Creativity is in your inner self, not in your beliefs.
Bill from Carbondale

I saw the Mustang for the first time this morning. I find it to be incredibly creepy! The red glowing eyes are a bit much, and take away from what may be a very beautiful piece of art. It's hard to tell what the rest of the Mustang looks like just driving by, and it was very dark at 6:00 am. In the dark all you can see are those awful eyes glowing at you.
Jennie, Denver

As a horse lover, veterinarian, and artist myself I must express the horror that I felt the first time I saw that statue at DIA. It was the last week of February, and both my husband and I agreed that it is inappropriate and frightening. I think the fact that the sculptor was killed while working on it shows that perhaps it shouldn't have been completed and put up. I can only hope that some one removes it, or at least repaints it and cut the power off to its eyes.
Dr. Kimberly Brewster

A work of art so hideous it killed the artist.
Penny Burke
Littleton, CO

Move it to a more appropriate location. Denver has strived for years to "upgrade" the city's image in order to compete for convention business as a Modern Metropolitan location. One of the continuing challenges is convincing people that Denver is more than a "Cow-Town" in the Mountains. The sculpture is a substantial step backwards. If a horse is a good idea, then perhaps a sculpture of someone panning for gold would be great!
John in Denver

The giant, blue, raging, demon horse at DIA is just another example of trash "art" at the airport. Whomever is in charge of wasting money at this airport for Platte River trash, cactus garden turned into a fountain that is supposed to resemble the mountain range, giant paper airplanes and propellers that don't spin should be fired, fined and jailed. Money could be spent much better to actually benefit the travelers at DIA. Unfortunately, this concept has not nor probably never happen.
Kathy Hinkle, Arvada

If the sculpture was white - like Bucky - it would be fine, but the blue body with electric red eyes is ugly.

Better it should be Babe the blue ox than that monstrosity. But why spend that kind of money on so-called art? Spend it on housing the homeless or feeding the hungry.
Jim Bahrenburg

As an employee at DIA I see this sculpture almost daily and think it is one of the most hideous pieces of art I have ever seen. The art critics are wrong!!! Not only is it ugly and out of place, but it is cursed! The mustang has killed once (the artist) and is bound to kill again. Many employees have named the horse DIAblo, an appropriate name based on its look and history. This horse should be removed from the airport and replaced with a piece that is more pleasing to the eye and fits in better with the environment out there.
Robert Mills
Every piece of art has a place somewhere. With half of the Denver's residents thinking the horse invokes feelings of evil and intimidation, its place is NOT near DIA. Denver & Colorado are known for being friendly. Why display something that communicates feelings just the opposite of that? That's not very "welcoming". Let's place it at the Denver Art Museum, where its admirers can visit it whenever they want!
Jacci Peterson
Fort Collins

I think it's great!
For the Democratic Convention, could some VERY long donkey ears be temporarily added to it to make the delegates and candidates feel more welcome as they arrive and leave via DIA?
P.S. The red eyes are probably to keep airplanes from running into it.
I LOVE the horse! Linda Huckaba
It is UGLY and EVIL Looking!!!!

Get rid of this sculpture, it is a terrible greeting for both visitors to Denver airport and also to us who live here and frequently travel to DIA. Either junk it or if the people who like it want to donate money, then move it to a site inside a building where the rest of us don't have to look at it!!!
Thanks, BigJimMcD

I am an artist with good taste. That mustang sculpture at DIA is the ugliest thing I have ever seen and called art. You should feel good about arriving in Denver, but one look at that mustang and it's a negative feeling. That piece MUST go!!!!!!!!! Joel
It is kind of weird looking for a piece of art to welcome people to our State.

Why don't we get the Love Triangle from Loveland that was in the news so much? That would be perfect!!
Bob from Loveland

It is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I think it gives Denver a bad reputation.
Linda, from Arvada

I recently was at DIA and was surprised when I seen the Mustang sculpture. What is the purpose of the statue? The blue color is not appropriate. The color is atrocious. Is this an appropriate symbol of Colorado to welcome visitors to our great state? It would be a nicer sculpture if it had been done in a metal such as bronze. Mary

The DIA Mustang is ugliest thing that I have seen in years. We feel that it will scare the children. It looks EVIL .

A herd of buffalo sculpture would be better or at least a horse that looks like the one at Mile high stadium .
Don in Frederick

DIA Horse: Looks like it's on amphetamines.
Scott Pro

It's ugly. Nancy Duncan
I saw it early Saturday morning. I was taken aback by the red glowing eyes! Change the eyes to white light and it won't be so spooky looking. I don't mind the blue color of the horse, just don't like the red glowing eyes.
Kathy in Golden

Love it!
Bob Copeland

I must admit that I have to wonder why we have such a grotesquely colored statue of a bronco near our beautiful airport?
Why not a white stallion (in honor of the broncos and matching DIA)? Colorado is a beautiful state filled with natural beauty – though the sculpture itself is well done, it's coloration makes it an eyesore. Please consider white washing it
Just my opinion
Ravenna Windwalker

I saw the Mustang the day after it went up when it was still wrapped up, and white.
To me, the sculpture only propagates the "cow-town" mentality of Denver, and is not very "cosmopolitan".
Painting it blue and red also implies a connection to the Denver Broncos.
Unfortunately, not everyone likes the western mentality or football.
Despite it's innovation in fiberglass art, perhaps a more stylistically neutral sculpture (delivered on time and as a donation) would have received a better welcoming from Denver tourists and residents.
Erik de Roos

This thing looks like a monster on steroids. It has had nothing but bad luck since it was commissioned. I understand that the artist was killed before it was completed. The red eyes glow like some type of demonic icon. It is u-g-l-y and it has no alibi. If horses could talk, they would be aghast at how un horse it looks. I hope that my taxpayer money had nothing to do with this hideous looking, alien sort of being.
Kevin M. Haley

Why does the Mustang have to be blue of all colors but to make matters worst those stupid glowing red eyes? Why in the world did any body make the Mustang have the eyes glow. Jennifer Coe

A garish atrocity. Bigger is certainly not better in this case. Looks more like a dragon and will likely give small children nightmares!
John Alexander

Why not put a really huge pink flamingo out on the lawn for all to see. That is about the taste of the blue mustang. Wendy Miller
I work at FedEx express across the street from the Sculpture so I see it everyday. The closer you get the worse it looks but from across the street it looks just fine. Edward
That thing is horrific! It needs to go! Teresa

I think it is a refreshing bold statement in an otherwise bland landscape. With knowing the story of the artist behind it you can't resist to not stare at it and feel something.
I Love It!
Joy, Colorado Native

The new sculpture at DIA is beautiful during the day, but once it gets dark, the "evil" looking red lights welcome you to the airport. Is there any way they can change the color of those lights?
Krisi Lundberg

I realize the artist that created the mustang died while finishing this piece and I mean disrespect to him or his family but since you asked, I think the sculpture is the most hideous piece of art I have EVER seen! The color is so strange- who would ever paint a mustang blue? but the worst part of the whole thing is the FIRE red eyes.
This does not create a warm friendly welcome to Denver. I think we need to paint it a softer, more neutral color and take out the glowing red eyes!

The horse could have more impact on people if they could see it and be able to pause and examine it. But, since the placement follows the artist's wishes (who was not bright enough to avoid being killed by the thing), it is no wonder that most of us who travel out there often cannot appreciate the work while we are driving by at the speed limit. Dennis Gease

Absolutely hideous! Now if it would have been brown and white, or black and white ...but blue and those eyes!
They should swap the horse in front of the DAM...
Marie F Frisch

I have been by that sculpture a few times both day and night, and I will say that it is ugly in the day- the blue paint looks poorly done; and downright scary at night- those eyes! It looks like the thing is possessed and is going to chase my car all the way home. It could give Denver a bad rep for having a possessed horse right outside the airport. On the other hand, it could help with airport security!

When I first heard about the Sculpture, I thought that might be a nice touch to the airport, but after seeing the statue on numerous occasions, I now feel it should be torn down immediately and destroyed. It is one of the ugliest statues I have ever seen. Why in the world would DIA or the City agree or allow this statue to be put up.
David Minor

I think the mustang sculpture is scary I would not like my kids to see it. I think if the color was changed it might help. Those eyes are evil looking.

I think this sculpture is tacky and offensive. The general appearance and color, particularly the eyes, makes the statue appear evil and surreal. My 7-year old daughter, who LOVES horses, said she didn't like it, it was scary looking. I think that some of the value should be salvaged by repainting it.

Well in my opinion, the blue and orange twist is a little trite and tacky. That said, it is a distinguishing feature of the airport and a conversation piece; I think that is what art is all about so I am a fan! Nancy

I understand that art is different for everyone. I appreciate and enjoy good art, but to me, the blue stallion near DIA is not art. It is a gaudy piece of plastic that cheapens our airport and our city. First our baggage system is ridiculed (with good cause), now our unsophisticated taste. When will it stop? Stanley

I really like the idea of the horse statue and it's a great location - fits with this being the West and DIA looking like mountains/tepees.

HOWEVER, it should be white (or brown) and NOT have red eyes. The eyes are very disturbing and the whole thing is very distracting because of the eyes as you drive by on Pena Blvd. At the very least, the statue can remain blue but should have normal eyes. The red eyes are the worst feature.
Wendy Luck

What an amazing waste of money especially with the economy as it is. Whoever decided to waste the money on such a frivolous thing could have donated their money to the needy.
JH – Denver

I think it is demonic looking with its glowing red eyes. Christine

I've been out to DIA in the last two weeks to drop off and pick up passenger; have yet to see the horse.... so it must not be very visible. Or, maybe I am one of the few drivers that keeps their eye and mind on driving!!!
B Blake
Aurora, CO

If the 'Blue' Mustang is going to stay --- at least change the color of the eyes! The glowing red looks disturbing!
My vote – place a eye-pleasing sign reading "Thanks for visiting Colorado...come back soon" Less is more!
Mac – Denver

I've only driven by the statue during the late afternoon, but it is a majestic site. The raw beauty is very evident in every line. The eyes, however, make it seem very evil and menacing. They detract from the whole significance of the statue to our city and state. We are not evil and scary, but want to be warm and welcoming.

If they could change the eyes so they appeared normal, the whole statue would have its intended effect upon people arriving or leaving our state via our also beautiful, Denver International Airport.
Cathy Petersen, Thornton

It is art, and art has always been controversial. It is also what each person sees in it. I also feel it is rude how people keep making degrading remarks about it, after the fact the artist died.
Renee Young

I love the Mustang Sculpture, but turn off those red eyes! They make the horse look evil!! Diane K Corwin
Our family came back from a trip to Disneyland and saw the sculpture as we were exiting the airport. My seven year old said "Wow... what's that? It looks evil with those red eyes."
I think that says it all!
Mary Lee Isenhart

Seriously! This is the last/first impression we want to leave tourists with? A poorly painted blue bronco with brake lights for eyes! Fine leave it there, but take the plug out and then take a Black & Decker Power sander to the paint! It would look a damn sight better just as a bare metal sculpture.
John Carmichael

I saw the horse...and then read the article about it a week later in the Arts section of the Denver Post. I did not know the history behind the project, however the tone of the article suggested that this mustang is considered sacred.
My initial impression of the Mustang was that it was a morbid piece of art with it's glowing red eyes and ribs sticking out - it seemed like a horse in panic and wild with fear....but then I realized how appropriate for something representing Colorado and the current economy. It seems most of the people you talk to these days are barely staying afloat, if they haven't already lost their house or their job. I think most people in this state ARE living in a state of fear and controlled panic, so in hindsight the horse seems appropriate to welcome everyone to our great state of Colorado.
Sherri Overdorf

I think the blue mustang sculpture is ugly, embarrassing, and a terrible waste of money. Whoever commissioned that piece of work should be sent packing if they haven't been already.
Carolyn Brinkmeyer, Aurora

I thought it was very nice except for the red eyes!
Cindy J. Garner

It is ugly, very ugly. The eyes are just evil, and the color of the horse is just wrong. The blue is pretty but for a bronco it's just not right. The history of the artist is very interesting, but I think he could have done the coloring of the sculpture different. The actual sculpture is really good, but the coloring is what makes it so ugly. Poor horse…lol it looks like what a Smurf would ride if they had horses.

I love it! I think its beautiful and eerie!
Sarah McKay

Love it! Statuesque, beautiful, a real keeper. Maybe do something about the devil eyes, but overall gorgeous! Sharleen
I think the DIA bronco as just a sculpture is great. It's presence is impossible to miss and it is a stunning piece. And then the sun goes down. The red light eyes are so tacky and silly. They ruin a good piece with a Las Vegas-esque tack.
Devon Adams
Why is it out there? The red eyes on the mustang are disturbing and creepy, especially late at night.
Becky Adams
Take it down !!! It looks retarded !! Blue and goofy looking…it looks like Barney the dinosaur on steroids. Gary, Centennial
From the photos, the horse looks very majestic; however, after driving by and seeing the horse in the flesh so to speak, I think the eyes are creepy and the protruding ribs make the horse look emaciated. Maybe he just needs a Bronco Orange blanket on his back.
Debra DeHague, Denver
Looks like a bad oversized lawn ornament. Eric
Sinister – Evil – Disturbing
In my opinion those are the emotions typically derived from viewing the Stallion sculpture at DIA. If anyone were to ask me I would never have spent money on public artwork that creates negative emotions and negative impressions at the gateway to our airport. As a Denver native I am amazed at how our money can be wasted on so called "art". If the piece was meant to leave an impression on the viewer, maybe someone should have told the artist we're not trying to drive everyone away from Denver, we kind of like it when they come to visit.
Mike Rogers, Denver, CO

It's beautiful and in a perfect spot as you enter the airport – not a fan of the red eyes, though. Lisa

The horse is nice but the blue color is ugly and the red eyes satanic. Paint is a bronze color and it will be a much better welcome to Colorado visitors.
Mark From Parker

As a native of this beautiful state of Colorado I am horrified that this piece of art was chosen. We have so many incredibly talented artist here in this great state many of which are displayed inside DIA. I don't think this is the image we want to give those flying into our airport. To have chosen something so demonic looking to welcome weary travelers into our state is a sad statement.
Peggy Moffitt, Parker, CO

I really like the new statue, especially at night.
It's a tragic story concerning the sculptor's death, which makes the statue even more forceful in my eyes.
Kenyon Waugh – Lyons

That is the most ridiculous piece of "artwork" I have ever seen. I was embarrassed to take a friend of mine to the airport the other week. I don't understand the history, or why it is there, but I pray that the Mayor could not find anything better to do with the money to justify that awful "artwork"

freaky red eyes!! Christi B. Sullivan

It's awful! I was horrified when I saw what my tax dollars had been spent on. With it's blazing red eyes & raised front legs, not a very welcoming image to give people arriving & leaving DIA.
MaryEllen Karlson

Our whole family loved the sculpture. It represents strength and determination. Love it.
Stacie Luersen

I really like it! It looks a lot like TD at Mile High Stadium. It really gets your attention coming or going from the airport!
John Harrison, Colorado Springs

I think it was a big waste of money. Sherri K. Kaczor
The Horse is ugly. Tom White

Just drove past it this week taking my husband to the airport at 5am...I thought it looked demonic...kind of spooky and scary. Why would Denver want this as a symbol of the city? Maybe if the eyes were changed it would be ok and simply look like a blue metal sculpture but the eyes make it look like something from a "Chucky movie"
Christine Chance, Westminster

The sculpture is ugly by daylight and with the red lights for eyes it is scary by night! Liz

The idea of the mustang is a great one, but the statue itself is disturbing. The red eyes just seem so menacing and definitely not a welcoming sight to see when first entering Denver. It's not really a great parting vision either.
Rachelle Jimenez-Galvan

We waited 15 years for this?
It reminds me of the red-eyed monster in Ghostbusters.
Dan Cohen

yuk. We drove out to see the great Mustang and I ended up laughing hysterically. Born and raised here I am horrified anyone thinks that is representative of our state and it's taste in art - you can't even laugh it off as being Bronco Blue. I felt like an idiot after telling my husband about it and then seeing this huge blue thing with red eyes out of some weird Nightmare on Elm Street movie. How stunning it could have been in a normal metal shade as almost a larger than life tribute to the western culture here in Colorado. I guess all those cowboys with tennis shoes and pink cowboy hats must be thrilled.

Shame on Denver and what a waste of time and money, not to mention the life of the sculptor
Lori Smith, Westminster

It is absolutely terrifying!! For those of us who are a little timid to fly, to be greeted by a huge steed who looks like it will come to life and with a headless horseman on top, is enough to make us turn around and head back home. The red glowing eyes look like fireballs…not the proper way to say goodbye or welcome to visitors!
Anna Lamb

I think it's eerie looking- the red eyes look like devils eyes. Jan

I haven't seen it up close, but it sounds grotesque. As a person who was raised on a ranch and has love and respect for horses, why is it blue with raging red eyes? A horse sculpture would be great if it resembled a real horse and the rich history that horses have in Colorado. I guess you can take anything and make it ugly and because it is different, you'll probably always be able to find a group to call it "art". What a way to give a lot of people their first impression of Colorado. Thank goodness on clear days they'll be able to look West and see the mountains and still take in some beauty. Ila J. Beale
I love the Mustang sculpture, but the red eyes have to go…they just look evil! Can't the eyes be blue or white lights?

That is not a sculpture, I feels represents Denver Colorado.
Marion S. Monteleone

I think that it is hideous. Daniel Gannon

Traveling is not as glamorous as it was. Now you have to deal with parking, the correct size carry-on, make sure your 3oz or less bottles will fit in one baggie, and TSA lines. So the last thing I want to see as I approach the airport is a possessed, dragon looking horse. It even scared my 8 year old daughter. My preference would be to have it removed and placed in a large dark closet - it can haunt the spiders!
Ron, Arvada

What a waste of Taxpayer dollars. I had no idea it was a mustang. Most people I talk to on the shuttle to the airport think it is a bronco for the Denver Broncos. That is also why I thought it was blue. Maybe it is a bit of intimidation for teams arriving in town to play the Broncos. It should face the other way if it is to intimidate the teams on their way into town.
Steve Tarket

It looks evil. Those red eyes gotta go! Maybe the whole thing should go!
Additionally – how does that represent Denver? Or Colorado for that matter?
Get rid of it!

A circus horse to go with the circus tent! Renae

I've driven by the DIA Mustang Sculpture twice and it looks like the eyes glow red. I like the sculpture, because it adds something new and interesting to look at, but the eyes are disconcerting.
Dana Franklin, Denver, CO

I just don't think the mustang sculpture is what we need by our airport. What does it represent? The color is horrible, I drove my father to the airport last week and all I would say to myself was " What are these people thinking, this is crazy"
Tiffany Cooper

The new mustang at DIA looks possessed. That's just my thought. Jessica Buchanan
This sculpture was a HUGE disappointment for me as a long-time Colorado and Denver area resident. I finally saw this "art" about a month ago at night when I was going to DIA to pick someone up. Even at night, I was appalled. The glowing red eyes? Are you serious? I was waiting for the theatrical dry ice smoke to come out of its nostrils next! Only a week later when I returned to DIA in the daylight did I see what this thing really looked like. This sculpture is garish at best: bulging red veins, bared teeth, and the blue it's painted with looks like it was a leftover from a yard sale. I have no problem with the idea of a mustang outside the airport as it represents the west and Colorado's history but this thing is a joke. It looks like it belongs outside the Excalibur hotel in Las Vegas. Something bronze and less clownish would've been much more well received I believe. I have long been a fan of DIA's architecture with its clean lines and aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior designs. Did no one get a final look at this sculpture before it was unveiled? It's not like it hasn't been in the works for several years! To throw this thing at the entrance to something that is so classic and well-designed is an insult and quite embarrassing if you ask me.
Mandy A.

I like the new Blue Bronco statue at DIA. It is quite intense.
The glowing orange eyes seem a bit of overkill – they scared the kids the other night!
John – Littleton

I saw the scary mustang for the first time Sunday night when I drove to the airport to pick up a visitor. First of all, it diverted my attention from driving because I was trying to figure out if this Bronco-looking figure really had glaring red eyes. My next reaction was "why in the world is that there?" Lastly… why a Bronco and why at the airport? It might as well scream "Go Broncos" when you drive by or spit out footballs for people to take home as souvenirs. This state has so much to offer so why do we want the last image in people's mind to be a huge horse with red eyes?

I haven't seen the Bronco in the daylight. Guess I'll get my first chance tomorrow when I take my husband to catch a morning flight. Not sure what to expect. No matter what it looks like, I don't think it needs to be there. We need less intimidating, more tasteful sculpture that represents our lovely, natural state.
Betsy Allen

I think it looks evil with the red eyes. A very hideous and un-professional looking piece of art for a first class and very attractive airport.

Maybe we could swap it with the beautiful mustangs at Invesco Field.
The intimidating demon horse seems more appropriate for the Broncos,
And the wild mustangs running free seem like a better representation of our city. Vickie

The sculpture is an absolute eyesore. It's awful that it's the first and last thing visitors see! What are we doing with purple horse with bright shining eyes? Looks more like a purple dragon, and what's a dragon doing in Denver?
It can't be removed fast enough!
Dick Baumbusch

I don't think it's a bad sculpture. I thought of it as a Bronco and not a mustang. Would have been much nicer to have it more in the colors of the Broncos. Would have said more about Denver if it did.

I do think it's totally in the wrong place. I understand why it was put where it was because the intersecting of all the roads going in and out of DIA. I say it's in the wrong place for safety reasons. People will try Rubber Necking to see it while going around those corners. A really bad idea for placement! A better place would have been between the east and west bound traffic about 1/4 mile before you hit the curves and corners coming into DIA.

I find the sculpture to be menacing -- especially those red eyes at night. Freaks me out.

The size, the form etc are fantastic. The colors of both the horse and the eyes are cheap looking and a great distraction to the otherwise fine art.
Norma J Schafer

Total waste of money.
And what is up with the horrid blue color?

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