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Workout Diary 3/5/12-3/11/12 (Hatha & Flow Yoga)

2:01 PM, Apr 1, 2012   |    comments
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Peyton Manning put a little twist into my big workout this week - funny (or sad) how my personal athletic life revolves around big sports stories, even though I'm not involved with those events as an athlete. But, it's the juggling act that comes with any job, and even the best planners can't plan for the unexpected. Like Peyton Manning coming to town. But when those inconvenient moments arise, having a good support system, and being willing to bend, becomes very important to getting workouts accomplished.

When Manning Madness hit on Friday, I was asked to work be live Saturday morning for a few hours at Dove Valley... exactly the time I had planned for my 14 mile run. Sunday wasn't an option because our event company had already sent an email blast earlier in the week about a group bike ride. Saturday was already crazy with our son's championship basketball game, a team pizza party and I was emceeing an event in Louisville that night. By working that morning, my 14 miler seemed doomed. I did have a couple hours free in the afternoon but I didn't want to steal time away from the family. My husband knows me too well and long before I asked, he said go. That's what we do - we support each other in our dreams, our hobbies and our (healthy) obsessions. So I ran during that small window of time and got my 14 done. Phew. I could stay human.

Monday 3/5: Bike (20 miles). Gorgeous day for one of my favorite "out and back" routes with some great hills.

Tuesday 3/6: Run (8 miles). Grabbed some miles on the High Line in the afternoon. Involved some tempo running and I was a little sore afterwards. Enjoyed a few extra tortilla chips with an old gal pal at dinner.

Wednesday 3/7: Off. Weather was a crummy and my workout desire seemed to match. Felt like a good day to do nothing. No regrets.

Thursday 3/8: Run (7 miles). Ran in Ridgegate in Lone Tree. I hear there are a few hills in the Boston Marathon so I'm throwing some rollers into training. I'll be ready Heartbreak Hill.

Friday 3/9: Yoga. New try of the week: Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners on DVD . Yogi Tamal Dodge has two different 30 minute workouts on this DVD that you can do separately or back to back - I did them back to back but will separate in the future when I don't have time for a longer yoga workout. The first 30 minutes is a lot of stretching with a band (included with the DVD). The band really helps with the tight spots and will be nice to have around for stretching. The second 30 minutes is more traditional flow yoga - I enjoyed this also, especially the shorter time. Note: Purchase multiple time lengths with your workout DVD's - you'll be more likely to use them. From now on when I don't have 50 minutes for yoga, instead of skipping it, I'll pop in the 30 minute workout.

Friday was also "Massage Night" - Mike & I cherish Laura Fusco who travels to homes for a very reasonable fee. 720-327-3653

Saturday 3/10: Run (14 miles). Cut back week with my long run mileage because the 18 & 20 milers are coming in the next few weeks. The High Line trail from Goodson Rec Center going north was 99.9% dry. It was so nice not to dodge snow, ice and mud.

Sunday 3/11: Bike (27 miles). WarginEvents organized a group bike ride of 21 miles. We had 35 people join us (our biggest group yet). If you want to opt into our newsletter blast to know about the next ride, click here and sign up.

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