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Changing the world happens with the small things

6:44 PM, Feb 16, 2010   |    comments
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Then again, Dawson school in Lafayette isn't your typical school with typical classes, and its students are also far from typical.

"I don't think I could have ever had any of the opportunities I've had if I wasn't at Dawson," Marci Angeles, a 2010 9Kids Who Care winner, said. "There are a lot of people who are doing so much work in this school. A lot do more than 100 hours a year of service."

Dawson's education platform focuses on many of the same subjects as any other K-12 district, although a feature that stands out is the school's dedication to service. Marci's time at Dawson has been filled with volunteering, fundraising and service giving. Since 2006, Marci has taken part in and organized everything from car washes to selling smoothies at the For People Café, which raises money for local non-profits.

"There are a lot of great causes and things that need to be fixed, or people who need help. Doing something like the store is something easy. I love baking and enjoy that I can give someone else a chance to give back just by buying a cookie or showing up to help," she said.

Marci has also raised money to purchase mosquito nets for villagers in Botswana. She has traveled twice to Africa participating in the Malaria Eradication Campaign for Student Leaders Against Malaria, or SLAM. She considers herself a member of the global community, and is very involved with the Bead for Life program to help Ugandan women. Another program, Charity Water, helps provide clean drinking water to people in developing nations.

"Going to Botswana, you see people there and you can't help but smile when they smile," Marci said. "It's great seeing those interactions, getting to meet the people, and when you see what you're doing and how it affects them in a positive way, it's a good feeling."

Marci is also committed to helping those in this community through her leadership at the Dawson School Community Service Club and their Special Olympics Sports Festival.

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