Man shot at gun show

5:41 AM, Mar 21, 2010   |    comments
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The victim is currently at Denver Health with no word on his condition.

Investigators say, right now, they're still piecing together how this happened. Was it accidental or intentional? Was it a vendor's or a show-goer's gun? The biggest question: how did someone get a loaded weapon inside gun show doors?

Witnesses and vendors alike say they were shocked when word of a shooting filled the Denver Merchandise Mart.

"The only thing I heard is that someone got shot in the shoulder, and that there was blood all over the floor," witness Russ Huntley said. 

Elden Leasure's been a vendor at Colorado's biggest gun show for the last 30 years. He says the vendors are required to tie all their guns with security ties so the guns are inoperable. Security is then supposed to check each vendor's gun. But what about guns brought into the show by the public?

9News asked Leasure if it would it be hard to slip a loaded gun into the show.

"I would think so. Not impossible. But, pretty hard," Leasure said. 

Show vendors told 9News that gun show management asks each show-goer if they have a loaded gun, but there is no pat down or metal detectors. This, they say, is where personal responsibility is supposed to kick in.

"Somebody thought they were better than the rules, and that's when it becomes sad for everybody, because let one person mess up and everyone has to pay," said Leasure. 

If it is found that negligence is involved, then the person who shot the gun could face criminal charges. 

For more information on the Tanner Gun Show, including frequently asked questions about firearm rules, visit

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