Police: Dogs that attacked 3 people found dead

12:40 PM, Dec 31, 2011   |    comments
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LISTEN: 911 calls of dogs attacking residents

Aurora Police say two dogs matching the description from the attacks were found on the side of E-470 near 64th Avenue by a state trooper. Officers say it appears that the two dogs were hit by a car.

Police say the Aurora Animal Care Officers have taken the bodies of the dogs into their possession and are attempting to find their owners.

Three people were hospitalized after being injured in a dog attack early Friday morning in the 19200 block of E. Gunnison Circle.

A woman was walking her small dog when her dog was reportedly attacked by two larger dogs.

Witnesses were unclear what the breed of the attacking dogs was. One dog was black and the second was brown with black markings.

"It doesn't matter if it's a pitbull, or a German Shepherd or a little teenie poodle. It really is more about the owner than the breed of dog, I think," Melissa Williford, a neighbor, said.

A neighbor heard the woman screaming for help and ran out to assist. The second woman threw a blanket on the dogs to distract them. They ran after the woman who threw the blanket on them. The first woman and her small dog were able to get into the back seat of a vehicle that stopped to help her. The second woman was knocked to the ground by the dogs while she was running back to her house.

Another neighbor named Brad Wall yelled at the dogs while they were attacking the female neighbor.

"I heard this awful sound of screaming and wailing," Wall said. "I went down the steps and yelled, and that's when they turned on me."

The dogs bit him a few times before he was able to jump on top of a car.

"I was kicking at him enough and using my flashlight to try to ward them off," Wall said. "And, they went around this car and that gave me the opportunity to jump up on top of it."

The dogs circled the car and left northbound shortly before officers' arrived on the scene.

"If I hadn't come out, they would've killed that lady, I'm sure of it. She's not in good shape at all," Wall said.

Both women were transported to the hospital, and the original woman who was attacked by the dogs sustained serious bodily injury as is still hospitalized as of Friday afternoon.

Authorities have not identified what breed the two dogs were.

On Friday afternoon, the Animal Care Division went with officers to houses in the area where restricted dog breeds are registered.

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