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    Job Fairs for teens this spring

    5:04 PM, Apr 4, 2012

    KUSA - The Governor's Summer Job Hunt for Teens is underway in Colorado.


        3 kids taken to the hospital after fire in chemistry lab

        DENVER - Three students were taken to the hospital for treatment after a small fire erupted in a chemistry lab Monday morning. Read more at

        9:40 AM, Sep 15, 2014

        Parents forced to evict adult children

        DENVER - A 9Wants to Know investigation discovered that a growing number of parents are evicting their children after they move back home.

        11:10 PM, May 8, 2012

        Flu keeps spreading in Colorado

        KUSA - The Colorado Department of Health says 748 people in Colorado have been hospitalized.

        8:16 PM, Jan 9, 2014

        Gannett Foundation

        The Gannett Foundation, a corporate foundation sponsored by Gannett Co., Inc., serves local organizations in those communities in which Gannett Co., Inc. has a local daily newspaper or television station. 9News is owned by Gannett Co., Inc.  Gannett Foundation grants are our way of helping to improve the quality of life and addressing the most pressing social and civic issues facing our community.

        9:46 AM, Nov 16, 2007

        Kevin Torres: Someone stole my Facebook identity

        KUSA - Having your identity stolen no longer refers to just having your credit card or social security information hijacked.

        8:50 PM, Jan 2, 2014

        Price shopping for an MRI can save you thousands of dollars

        DENVER - Cash-paying patients in Colorado can shell out as much as $3,460 for a basic shoulder MRI - but a little shopping around can cut that cost to $450.

        6:50 PM, Apr 14, 2011

        Study: How attached are cats to their owners?

        KUSA - Between Grumpy Cat and Animal Planet's series 'My Cat From Hell' there aren't many stories of loving, cuddly cats being shared. Cat owners will both defend and spin great tales about their cat's quirky, entitled and even cunning behavior.

        7:28 PM, Dec 16, 2013

        To pay or not to pay: The photo radar-ticket question

        DENVER - A letter in the mail with my name on it, looks so innocent. Then I open it.

        8:38 PM, Oct 2, 2011

        State alters 420 MM sign to thwart thieves

        DENVER - Thieves have been stealing the 420 mile marker sign so often, CDOT has changed it to "419.99".

        11:43 AM, Jan 11, 2014

        Robot attends school for second grader

        KUSA - Among the students at one elementary school classroom in the suburbs of Buffalo New York is a robot.

        2:54 PM, Feb 18, 2013
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