Graphic images of abortion enter presidential campaign

7:38 PM, Jan 17, 2012   |    comments
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Terry is hoping to air the 30 -second spots in 25 television markets on Super Bowl Sunday. He has already purchased ad time in 11 markets. The ad will air in Grand Junction during the Super Bowl. He has purchased time in pre-game shows for major markets including, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Louis.

At this time, Terry has not purchased time in the Denver television market, but has made inquiries of time availability.

Terry is able to air the commercials because of an FCC loophole that prevents censorship of political ads within 45 days of a presidential caucus or primary.

"I think their idea is if you're going to have a government that effectively represents people you have to allow every argument to be heard," Shaun Schafer, assistant professor of Journalism at Metropolitan State College of Denver, said. "This ad is certainly graphic and it will definitely prompt a response from people watching it. I don't know that means it shouldn't be run. The free speech advocate in me says that is probably a good thing, but I don't think most of the world is going to be too ready for that on Super Bowl Sunday."

Terry's presidential candidacy is not his first involvement in politics. He, along with other Pro Life protestors, was arrested at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. As a presidential candidate in 2012, he received 1 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary.

"I think you usually look when you hear the phrase, political ad, you kind of connect it to a real substantive campaign. Randall Terry's campaign is not a substantive one," Norm Provizer, a political science professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver, said.

"They didn't make a rule that said that only viable candidates may run those ads and maybe that is the question they'll start asking is what makes a viable candidate," Schafer said.

While Terry's ad focuses on the issue of abortion, this opens the door for future campaigns and other issues.

"It definitely raises the potential of where this could go," Schafer said. "It could go anywhere and if you decide that a critical issue in our community is pornography or a critical issue in our community is escort services, what does that mean you're going to see as a potential political ad.

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